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Transformational Leadership Coach Global Speaker & Author

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About Diana Luik

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Diana is an internationally acclaimed ICF-certified (PCC) Transformational Leadership Coach, Mentor, Six-Phase Meditation Trainer, Global Speaker, and Author. Her passion lies in inspiring and motivating individuals, shifting mindsets through core values to transform and maximize potential.

As a co-founder and co-host of the Online Coaching Congress, she held insightful interviews with global thought leaders. Her background in Energy Leadership Coaching, Scrum Master, and her emphasis on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) further enrich her coaching, enabling her to guide leaders and teams through agile transformations with empathy and insight.

Her global life experience includes living and working in Belgium, France, the USA, and Germany, as well as spending seven transformative months on several sailing vessels, navigating two oceans, documented in a documentary film. This adventure at sea reflects her resilience and adaptability. Diana is also a proud mother of two third-culture kids, a seven-time marathon finisher, and a world traveler who embraces cultural awareness, interpersonal relationships, and communication skills. Her mission is to enhance the lives of everyone she meets.

In 2023, Diana fulfilled a lifelong dream by traveling the world spontaneously, without a plan, demonstrating her philosophy of embracing life’s journey with courage and an open heart. In her leisure time, she can be found capturing life’s beauty through photography, exploring nature trails, or cooking with friends, always with laughter and music. Whether scaling mountains, sailing with the wind, or diving into the sea, Diana seeks to enrich lives, including her own, with every encounter.


“Wisdom and charisma define Diana, marking her out as an exceptional coach. Her ready smile is not just infectious, but a beacon of positivity even amid adversity.

Throughout challenging phases, Diana consistently supported me, displaying an empathetic understanding of situations and offering advice that transcended my professional life. Her practical and effective strategies have continually helped me overcome hurdles, testimony to her life’s experience and deep knowledge.

Diana’s humility is, however, her brightest attribute. She encourages open communication, fostering stronger confidence in me and catalyzing my respective personal and professional growth.

In essence, Diana isn’t merely a mentor but a transformative figure. Her guidance has left an indelible mark on my life. I am grateful for her mentorship and highly recommend her – learning from her guarantees a holistic journey of growth that extends beyond professional development.”

Rebekka Fischer, Irland

“My sessions with Diana had a huge positive impact on my well-being. I was able to discuss the root causes behind my anxiety and their impact on my mental health. She helped me see things from new angles and reduce unnecessary stress and anxiety – our discussions were very helpful thanks to her empathy, open-mindedness, and patience. I’m still scheduling regular sessions with her and I’d totally recommend her!”

Mahdi, Senior Data Engineer, Paris, France

“Diana is passionate, full of energy, full of empathy. All of that is communicative and inspires other people. She is a great coach helping to unleash one’s full potential, to help them discover hidden strengths and skills. “

Jean-Luc, Chief Executive Officer, Helsingborg, Sweden




“Diana coached me for over 1 year post-pandemic and guided me through challenging times at work – be it conflict management, life-work-balance or getting to the bottom of issues I was confronted with. She always found ways to motivate me and created a judgment-free space with plenty of opportunities for self-reflection and learning new skills. Diana also was a big support during the time of a layoff and my new career transition. Thank you, Diana!”

Thomas Manoila, Germany




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