Our mission

At YouVision, our mission is to create a community of visionaries worldwide, as we empower individuals to embrace their unique potential and transform their lives both on a personal and professional level, we envision a space where every member is inspired to transcend limits, envision their aspirations, and actively contribute to creating a future aligned with their dreams. We strive to cultivate a mindset of creativity, resilience, and continuous growth, guiding our members on a transformative journey. we collectively shape a future where every person can thrive, excel, and make a positive impact on the world around them. Together we are reshaping the space of Personal Growth.

As Helen Keller once said, “To have sight without vision is worse than being born blind.”

Every individual possesses an inherent wellspring of resources to surmount obstacles, pursue happiness, and attain their dreams and goals. YouVision serves as the missing link, offering Visionary Coaching and Education. We believe your Vision starts with "You," hence the name "YouVision."

New Concept of Personal Growth

”Vision serves as the glue that binds all the building blocks of personal development together; without it, the entire structure crumbles” Abdul Majeed Saley (YouVision Founder)

YouVision difference

Our unique approach goes beyond conventional Coaching and Education. We are dedicated to not only guiding individuals but cultivating visionaries. We believe in fostering a mindset that transcends limits, encouraging our members to envision and create a future that reflects their aspirations. Through Visionary Coaching and a Education, we empower you to become the architect of your own success story.


YouVision Innovation
At YouVision, we thrive on pushing boundaries and embracing the latest technologies, ensuring we stay at the forefront of personal and professional growth.


YouVision Learning

Explore our Academy, where knowledge meets vision. Engage in curated educational experiences designed to align with your personal and professional growth. From insightful webinars to visionary courses, this section is a dynamic space where learning becomes a catalyst for your transformative journey.


At YouVision, we embrace a Member-Centric Approach, we prioritize the satisfaction of our members. We actively listen, adapt, and consistently deliver solutions that exceed expectations

YouVision Community

YouVision Community

At YouVision, we’ve redefined community support for our YouVision members. It’s more than just a network; it’s a dynamic force that propels you toward your aspirations. In this vibrant community, you’re not alone in your pursuit; you’re surrounded by fellow YouVision members, individuals who share your passion and are eager to celebrate your victories and navigate challenges alongside you. Together, we create an ecosystem where personal growth is not just encouraged, it’s inevitable.
Visionary Coaching

Your Dedicated Ally

So, whether you’re reaching for professional milestones, exploring new passions, or overcoming obstacles, YouVision stands as your dedicated ally.
Your vision matters, and within these welcoming spaces for YouVision membership, it thrives. Join us in cultivating a supportive environment that transforms individual dreams into collective triumphs.

Meet the founder

Visionary Leader

Abdul Majeed Saley

Founder of YouVision
Abdul Majeed is not only the founder of YouVision but a tenacious individual who faced five challenging years of unemployment before embarking on this remarkable endeavor. Despite enduring numerous hardships, Abdul’s determination remained unwavering. He aspired to create something truly remarkable, a personal growth platform that could positively impact lives on a global scale. Over the course of five years, Abdul tirelessly worked on developing YouVision, even though many doubted his vision.
The journey to bridge the gap between his harsh reality, marked by unemployment, life struggles, skepticism from others, and family pressure, and his ambitious vision of YouVision, found inspiration in the words of Helen Keller: ‘To have sight without vision is worse than being born blind.’ This quote resonated deeply with Abdul and illuminated his path forward.
He firmly believes that success lies in harnessing the power of our vision. He places a strong emphasis on the value of cooperation and the importance of respecting differences, all while focusing on the shared human qualities that bind us together.
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